Version History:

Beta 2

b2_011 - 2010.01.11 (posted 2010.03.06)

  1. Added support for Shockwave
  2. Hardware anti-aliasing can be enabled through console:

    setaa <value> <mode>

    value = 0 or 1 (default: 0)
    mode = 1, 2, 3, 4 (default: 1)
    1 = 2x multisampling
    2 = 4x multisampling
    3 = 8x multisampling
    4 = 16x multisampling

    For example, to enable anti-aliasing with 2x multisampling:
    setaa 1 1

The multisampling setting does not seem consistent across video cards. In some cases 1 will result in highest quality anti-aliasing, rather than 4. You may need to experiment a bit to find the setting that improve rendering quality without impacting the framerate significantly.


b2_032 - 2009.09.07

  1. Director 11.5 build, uses Shockwave
  2. Cleaned up initialization
  3. Fixed font rendering for playback under SW11.5 (now uses BitStream Font Fusion engine, system rasterization is no longer available)
  4. baMoveCursor plugin (, for mouselook in Mac OS X
  5. Default renderer is DirectX9 under Windows, OpenGL in OS X
  6. PhysX entity controller is disabled for this build (not yet fully functional)


Beta 1

b1_222 - 2006.03.16
first public beta

b1_224 - 2006.03.20, fixes:
DirectX warning in Mac OS
Skybox clipping in 16-bit Z
Botmatch console command invalid (instead, go to Settings/Game, check Spectator, set Bots count)
Skybox seam in GL
Scaled overlay bilinear filtering added
Initialization total progress added

b1_227 - 2006.03.20
Server not rejecting 9th connection - fixed
Max Players network setting added, incoming clients receive rejection msg once exceeded

b1_228 - 2006.03.22
Player cheats cleared for multiplayer game
Console cheats disabled for multiplayer game
Autofps enabled for all multiplayer games (this should improve network performance in Firefox)

b1_230 - 2006.03.26
Default Bot count is now 3 (for those that don't like reading instructions)

Server console commands added:
server showplayers - this lists the current players in the game
server kick [player index] - disconnects player specified (use showplayers to get player index)
server ban [player index] - disconnects player and prevents reconnection
server showbanned - lists banned IPs
server clearbanned - clears banned list
These commands can be issued by the Server instance during a multiplayer game.

Additional changes will be made to address paused game problem during multiplayer later

b1_232 - 2006.03.29
fixed several holes in map DM Acheron Bluffs

b1_245 - 2006.05.01
In Multiplayer games, pressing ESC or P to pause game will release mouse cursor and display menu,
but game will continue to run (to address problem where players are invulnerable when paused)
Settings no longer accessible while Multiplayer game is in progress.
Player no longer invulnverable when in Talk mode (typing a message)

b1_252 - 2006.05.16
small fix in FPS calculation, now matches FRAPS (in OpenGL)
fixed bug at end of match where pausing/unpausing restarted bots (both sp & mp)
begin network code optimization, max sync interval now 450 ms before forced drop in
begin dedicated server test
Editor locked out in multiplayer games

b1_258 - 2006.05.23
weapon balancing:
accuracy of all weapons increased (on average by factor 2x)
splash damage of rocket launcher increased (144->192u)
fire rate of rocket launcher decreased (interval = 1.0s)
bot AI:
enemy entity sight/select tests rate increased
enemy entity scan (los) tests now distributed across multple frames for better performance
targetted aim attempt now affected by bot's selected weapon

b1_259 - 2006.06.07
bot AI: attack on < NearRadius
rocket launcher interval = 0.85

b1_263 - 2006.07.09
player mouse smoothing re-written: now multi-sampling input over frames rather than time
default mouse sensitivity changed (3.0 -> 2.5)
bug fix: reset jump physics if needed on re-spawn (player and bots)

b1_265 - 2006.07.14
fixed browser lockup if Enhancer installation is cancelled (IE with Active Content Update only)

b1_270 - 2006.08.01
added halo effect for weapon pickup, to improve visibility
players, bots now drop weapon when killed, these stay for duration of match, or until picked up
network support for this (1st pass)

b1_280 - 2006.08.07
re-worked spectator camera and damping
added health item in stream bed
reduced frag to ready time (previous: 10 sec, now: 7.0 sec)
shortened spawn sound (2.2 sec)
bots and netplayers now match local player for above times
reduced rocket splash radius (previous 16 feet, now 14 feet)

b1_281 - 2006.08.13
console key is now configurable through Settings
this should be useful for non-English keyboard layouts (TAB key is a good alternative to default tilde key)

b1_286 -- 2006.11.22
Redo Texture quality settings so memory usage is better distributed.
Now defaults to "4 - High "

b1_288 - 2007.02.25
3D renderer change no longer reports error on undetected devices
Shockwave Diagnostic Tool (to help Vista users to force 3D renderer selection via context menu)
Object/Embed Javascript write added (to sidestep Eolas patent enforcement in later versions of Internet Explorer)

b1_298 - 2007.04.01
Damage volumes implemented (should fix problem where entities survive canyon fall)
Clean up projectile physics (includes entity centerline trace for network players)

b1_311 - 2007.04.18
Game window now scales with browser, full screen disabled for this mode
Overlay overhaul to support scaling window
Full-screen still available with fixed-size version (tbd, combine display modes in single build)

b1_319 - 2007.04.24
More fixes/improvements for scaling game window (Settings screen, effects: flares, coronas)
Added sample background track files
Texture loader added for animated map texture (should improve startup stutter problems)
Lock FOV of all cameras during sniper zoom

b1_320 - 2007.04.25
Add sidebar masks for sniper scope display (required for aspect ratios > 2:1)

b1_321 - 2007.04.28
Rearranged overlay layers
Added progress bar on F_Init

b1_322 - 2007.05.01
fixed progress bar for streaming files

b1_335 - 2007.05.09
Generalized map texturing to support multi-pass lightmapping (should be useful for future maps)
Note that current demo map (Acheron Bluffs) was designed for shadow maps only
fixed flare effect (sun) occlusion bug
fixed scope overlay sticking on player death